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Bruna Bonelli was born in Lirio, in the picturesque landscape of the Oltrepò Pavese, and lives in Broni (PV) where she devotes herself full-time to her paintings. After graduating, she worked in the family business without neglecting her passion for art.

She enrolled in a painting course in Pavia under the guidance of Sergio Maggi, aka Pisy, a great professional and friend. Her artistic career includes several collective and personal exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. She has collected awards and recognitions that confirm a talent that is not expressed with the exuberance of appearance, but with the strength of feeling.

She embraces the realistic description and, like her master, allows herself flights of imagination that range from a traditional context to contemporary impressionism. Her landscapes are real environments that are imperceptibly modified, always in a positive key.

Bruna is the messenger of an anthropological-social revolution that is inserted into an apparently tame and compliant context. Her mission is to upset the atavistic references of a patriarchal society in order to return the universe to the Mother Goddess. In her paintings, only peace reigns because what is celebrated is the representation of beauty and nature interpreted by a purely feminine feeling.

Her works celebrate uncontaminated places, real and dreamlike at the same time, purified of any arrogant entity. Women are the protagonists, while men have the privileged role of spectators. Guided by the spirit of the Great Mother, Bonelli shows us the feminine, strong and maternal aspect of God. The Mother Earth depicted in the landscapes embodies the highest essence of her art.

In her works, there is the symbol of the unity of all forms existing in nature; the inherent power of water, stones, animals, hills, trees, flowers, and women represents the highest form of rebirth and regeneration, of becoming and transformation. The woman does not appear as the object of material desires but as the pure embodiment of the spirit of nature and landscape. The protagonist of each work is always her, the mother of all mothers and God the Father himself.

A new, fair, harmonious world, where the colours used are aimed at giving serenity, respect and balance, the same balance lost with the advent of a patriarchal society. In the human figure, she recovers the gaze, intense and expressive. The eyes she paints are generally clear are windows to transparent, sincere and sensitive souls. Nothing is left to chance, everything is immanently imbued with a maternal and protective essence. The charm of “gender” painting conveys a serenity to the observer. It is an excellent stimulus for those who want to live without ceasing to seek their own civil, social, and moral elevation.

Art is a need, and Bruna Bonelli’s need is to reconstitute the primordial order of nature, balanced and fair, in the utopian space of a simple frame.­

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Article edit by Prof. Luca Caricato

Luca Caricato –  The World of Art

Leonardo Da Vinci Scholar – Art Historian – Art Expert

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