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So talented, Alessio Brocceri, the Italian Jeweller from the Italian province Cuneo. His passion for jewelry developed at a young age when he began experimenting with the creation of some pieces.


This showed that he had a natural inclination towards precious gems and stones, something that he would pursue later on in his life. As he aged, so too advanced his understanding and interest of gems and stones, as well as their history. He has gone on to follow this passion, creating pieces of art crafted with some of the finest jewels available.

Early on in life, he began creating very rudimentary sketches of his ideas. With the support and assistance of various professional designers and also a digital rendering department, his designs began to take shape, becoming as vivid as a photograph in his mind. Later in life, he came across a goldsmith based in Italy who was able to help him make his visions come to life. He was able to gain a lot of confidence in himself due to the goldsmith, as nobody had ever encouraged him to pursue the passion for which he had a natural inclination before.

Soon, he began to collaborate with other talented jewelers and began hosting a number of events to get his name known in the world of jewelry. Some of these events include the recent Brocceri event that took place in Milan at the prestigious Baccarat BBAR and Lounge situated in the glamorous Montenapoleone Street in Milan. The event was organized by me and my associate Laura Pagani Cesa in partnership with celebreMagazine’s team.

Laura Astrologo Porché and Alessio Brocceri

The fine works that Alessio creates are not purely for commercial sale but are viewed by many jewelry fans as works of art. This is due to the jewels he uses in his pieces as well as the magnificent technique he utilizes when putting the pieces together. He is famously known for saying, “As a painter does with a canvas, I do with my gold and silver creations of a high standard and high artistry.”

He has drawn inspiration from a variety of individuals, all who have created works of great creativity and superior quality. Some of these inspirational muses include Fawaz Grousi, the patron of Fawaz Grousi Jewels, formerly known as Ex DeGrisogono, as well as Alessio Boschi, Margot McKinney and last but not least, Michele Della Valle.

Mr. Brocceri is extremely attached to the sea and this is evident in the work that he produces. He loves marine colors and often uses colored sapphires and gemstones for his extravagant designs. He currently studies and works on never-before-seen designs, as well as unique pieces that have both a significant emotional and visual impact on the beholder.

His mission is to stir a pool of emotions in his audience through the use of colors and shapes. In doing so, he is able to find an audience that appreciates his pieces as well as the team behind them.

Brocceri Jewels was founded by Alessio Brocceri and places an emphasis on using the jewels and techniques that he is well-known for incorporating into his designs. So, if you are looking for a colored, original jewel, this is the place to look.

“Sometimes words are not enough.

then you need colors.

And shapes.

And notes.

And emotions. “

by the famous Italian writer and novelist Alessandro Baricco

Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

IG: @journaldesbijoux

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