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Handwriting has become a “luxury” for few in the digital age but a fine and unique Pen can spur even the most listless of millennials: Boheme Royal is the most beautiful and expensive pen in the world and you need €150,000.00 to get it. The Montblanc signature jewel features an 18K gold body covered with 1430 diamonds.

In 1884 Lewis Waterman, a professional insurer, patented the invention that completely changed the fate of stylus pens: the idea was to add a hole on the tip so as to allow air to enter so as not to lose ink to the pen. A modern insurer, seeing a pen-like Boheme Royal in a customer’s pocket, wouldn’t worry about improving it but would do anything to secure it. The most lavish writing instrument around should be in a safe to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

The pen will never cease to play a fundamental role in human life, it is no coincidence that the most famous treaties were signed with a fountain pen. Signing with the writing instrument par excellence is still the best way to express the unquestionable will of an individual. Words, through the calligraphy of the person, come to life and give emotions. If you then choose a Boheme Royal, your emotions really risk turning into tears of joy.

Boheme Royal is the flagship of the Montblanc brand. This is a beautiful 18K white gold fountain pen adorned with 1430 Diamonds Available in two different versions: white diamonds or white diamonds alternating with black ones. It is refilled with cartridges, has a retractable nib, is pleasant to the touch and is easy to use. The precious stones reproduce wavy lines that extend over the entire surface, the Montblanc logo consists of three white gold rings and 19 diamonds, while the clip is embellished with a paramount diamond-cut set (also available in black).

Montblanc reinforced its position in the luxury writing instruments segment in the 1980s and decided to overdo it by giving luxury lovers the opportunity to add a truly dazzling €150,000.00 pen to their collection. Boheme Royal is unrivalled on the market and is aimed at a wealthy and high-ranking audience.

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by Federico Stilo

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