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Rentable, as long as you are obviously very wealthy, through the Comlux private carrier, the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady”, is a very luxurious private jet that combines the luxury of business-aviation with the size of a commercial aircraft. Imagine the pinnacle of luxury equipment currently available on the aeronautical scene. Now take this and transport it aboard a giant of the skies. What you’ll get is the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady”, an ultra-privileged private jet that combines the luxury of business-aviation with the size of a commercial aircraft.

Available on Request Rentable thanks to the European private operator Comlux (a highly specialised luxury carrier on airliners converted to private jets and aimed at a limited elite of customers), the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady” is a true flying luxury home.

With its avant-garde technological equipment, the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady” turns its attention to businessmen (such as Roman Abramovich or Donald Trump, to name but a few well-known examples) who travel not only for business but also for pleasure.

Capable of accommodating up to 51 passengers (including 7 VVIP; 15 Executive and 29 Guests) who are pampered by all the comforts available on an aircraft, the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady” recently returned to Europe after a period of more than four months in Indianapolis (where it has been for a series of maintenance and updating operations, including a new ionisation system aimed at eliminating airborne pathogens: a very targeted intervention also to combat COVID-19) and is now available again for those who can afford it.

Performance & Comfort – With a cabin that provides 28.7 metres long and 3.45 metres wide, the Boeing 767-200ER “SkyLady” has two pilots and 5 crew members. She can maintain a cruising speed of 476 knots (860 km/h) for 6.700 nautical miles of range and provides occupants with all comforts, including Internet access via WiFi, high definition online streaming services, 43″ 4K screens, individual HD entertainment systems with portable devices, iPads for all passengers and a pre-loaded media selection system. If you want to fly in style, then this is the plane for you!

Edit by Alessandro Colombo – Motori Di Lusso

Photos: Comlux

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