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This is a simple question that everyone who has ever entered the world of business has surely asked themselves. The answer, however, to the chagrin of most, is not so simple! There are thousands of factors that can influence a result, variables such as time or context. They are often decisive, but the common thing to the success of any great project is the ability to adapt, the tenacity and the talent to think and act beyond the schemes. Recent history tells us of incredible successes obtained from simple ideas (sometimes considered banal) which, thanks to the ability and tenacity of a few people who managed to grasp their potential, were transformed into world-class economic giants.

Today, we want to talk to you about one of these people, or rather, we want to tell you how being tenacious pays off. We have interviewed Giulio Grey, a well-known entrepreneur of Italian origin who has been living in Monaco for years, heir to a family that has always cultivated a passion for business. His latest project was born in the Principality of Monaco and consists in having transformed in the early 2020 the Opportunity platform (launched in 2015 as the first social network in the Principality) into a Business Network with a name that leaves no doubt about its declination: Biz Monaco.

Has the transformation immediately delivered the expected results?

In less than a year, the Business Network has become the reference point for individuals and companies interested in doing business in the rich territory of the Principality. The platform has proven to be the perfect tool for those looking for local professionals who are able to provide practical and useful services ranging from obtaining residency, tax advice to the world of Luxury Real Estate.

Is there a need to access a territory through the web?

The numbers generated have been truly impressive and have shown that there is indeed a global need to easily find services that can help people entering a new territory. The secret is to give the right visibility to selected and reliable professionals in order to connect demand with supply.

How do you turn a social platform into a business tool?

The idea was to combine a social platform, to exploit its potential in terms of users and visibility, with a tool that provides services in a given territory. This “union” proved to be the winning factor and we immediately understood its enormous potential and the right way to exploit it to the full. To further adapt to the dynamism required by online activities, we moved the company to London’s central Regent Street and launched BizProject.

What exactly does BizProject consist of?

BizProject represents the latest innovation in the field of the web and consists of the creation of a series of interconnected platforms, linked to specific areas of strong economic and financial interest. These platforms have the characteristic of being totally independent from the point of view of content, but they are able to count on all the users of the network who can move from one platform to another very easily thanks to a single account and login. A concept that we consider to be absolutely innovative. Each platform provides specific services that are essential for those wishing to approach that particular territory and will be “managed” by high-profile local professionals.

What do you mean by “managed”?

The technical management and all development costs are the responsibility of BizProject; the local operator only has to use their platform to promote and provide services to users and visitors, and only has to pay a rental fee.

What is your technical structure like?

I’m mainly in charge of administration and I personally oversee the technical development of the entire project. I’m very lucky to work side by side with my wife Krissy Presciglione-Cuni, who supports me both administratively and taking care of all BizProject communication. In addition, we have a highly efficient technical team of ten highly qualified IT specialists who are constantly monitoring and developing the platforms that we have already created or the ones that are in the process of being created.

Who are the investors and financiers of the project?

Fortunately, we have the possibility to finance the entire project ourselves, and we have recently made available an important tranche that will allow the network to be completed in full. There are also contacts with important external investors and the interest is palpable… perhaps in the future we could evaluate and be open to this solution as well.

How do you plan to expand the network?

Monaco was the first platform that allowed us to create the BizProject. In the last few days, the platform dedicated to Italy has gone online, and soon the one dedicated to Dubai will follow, in order to achieve in the medium term a network composed of about twenty fully operational platforms.

How does Giulio Grey see the future of this ambitious project?

I see the future of this project very positively, with great transparency and with the first results already in hand, because today, more than ever before, the world of relationships and business in general is increasingly connected to the web, and as long as there is a need to concretely connect demand with supply, I am certain that there will be no shortage of customers.

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Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editor @ celebreMagazineMonaco WomanRinascimento Magazine

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