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Azienda Agricola Bitonti is located in Ferrandina, a small town located in Basilicata, near the famous city of Matera. Since 1798 the Bitonti family lived in Ferrandina and the founder, Mr Felice, comforted by the scientific knowledge of his son Andrea (a professional chemist) took care of those same olive trees of Majatica that still today represent the strong point of the company.

Today, eight generations later, the direct descendant Pietro Bitonti continues the family tradition of extra virgin olive oil production, with a motto that is also the driving force behind the company: “to be guardians of the past and builders of the future”.

The renowned company Bitonti is running organic production methods and covers over two hundred hectares divided between arable land and olive groves with six thousand century-old trees, all of which are Majatica di Ferrandina cultivars. Bitonti Oil is obtained with mechanical procedures carried out cold exclusively from olives of this cultivar, Majatica di Ferrandina, the native variety present in a limited territory of the province of Matera.

It’s an authentically “Lucanian Product” with a medium fruity aroma, enriched by the herbaceous scents of the local hills, on the border between the mountains of the Lucanian Dolomites and the Ionian Sea, where the mild climate favours the most ancient cultivations such as that of these olive trees of Majatica. Bitonti organic extra virgin olive oil has a shallow index of acidity in linoleic acid and a high concentration of polyphenols.

The taste reveals a pleasant fruity taste, accompanied by a distinct hint of spice. The bitterness is moderate, being monovarietal of Majatica di Ferrandina olives, known and appreciated for their sweet taste. On the palate, as we used to say, there is a hint of spicy, a pungent pungency to the throat but well harmonized with the delicacy of the flavour. These characteristics make it an organic extra virgin olive oil, ideal for enhancing the flavour of every dish.

The Bitonti Brand is also a symbol of Multifunctional Agriculture, characterized by organic farming methods that guarantee the traditional quality of the products and a cultural tourism offer that enhances the territorial context in which they are obtained. In fact, the company offers a cultural tourism offer that aims to enhance its land: and it is the strong link with this same land that has led the company to create the Multimedia Museum “In Viaggio in Basilicata”, located in the medieval village of San Mauro Forte in the historic family home of Palazzo Arcieri Bitonti, since November 2015.

During the year the museum hosts various cultural events promoted and sponsored by Bitonti, a way for the company to enhance its territory and capture new stimuli from the influences of art expressions. Thanks to the constant commitment of Pietro Bitonti over the years, a busy and fruitful calendar of cultural events has been set up. From the regional assembly of the “Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane”, to various book presentations, concerts, theatre evenings and painting exhibitions, also in a personal capacity, such as the famous “Minoranze Silenziose” by maestro Nico Paladini held at Palazzo Archeri a couple of years ago.

An emblematic case of productive and cultural excellence, emblematic as Made in Italy and perhaps even more so as production of southern Italy, more precisely in Basilicata, so rich in excellence often undervalued.

And so the applause to those who, like Pietro Bitonti, are committed to bringing taste and culture to the fore: “Tying the cultural project “In Viaggio In Basilicata”, Bitonti vision is focused to tell a story about the Basilicata and the socio-economic context in which a product with a long tradition is born, such as my Majatica di Ferrandina extra virgin olive oil. Today, thanks also to multifunctionality, we are finally beginning to understand how many opportunities this sector can offer, how many innovative areas and how many exceptional talents can find expression in it. Therefore, culture in the south can mean spreading a privileged lifestyle, linked to artistic beauty, history and healthy eating through good agricultural practices”. Basilicata to know, to taste and appreciate. Thanks also to the history of oil that makes you know how to make culture.

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Edited by Nadia Toppino

Food – Wine & Hospitality Consultant

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