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Learn the rules like a professional, to break them like an Artist (Pablo Picasso). Bianca Beghin’s Art finds in this thought of the great Master Pablo Picasso, her Art’s guidelines. When asked who she is, with great spontaneity she affirms: “I am the colour of my works, look at my paintings and you will understand the meaning of what I have said”.

She approached the art world at an early age, devoting herself to drawing and watercolours, learning the rules that later became the basis of what is now her uncompromising art and which, over time, has seen in her large canvases, the highest expression of her “modern-impressionist” Art. Her humanistic studies and the degree in Literature have had a decisive influence on her artistic career from a humanistic point of view.

Soft lines and sinuous shapes in strong, muted colours give a special sensuality to her paintings, particularly those dedicated to the female universe and its “marvellous complexity”. Over the years, she perfected her skills in numerous art workshops, deepening and refining her technique, particularly by working alongside the german master Andreas Kramer, with whom she studied colour and light for years. Through careful artistic studies, Bianca Beghin’s personal research has led her to use new materials, in addition to acrylic and oil, such as chalk and sand.

In analysis of her own soul, the artist deeply feels the need to pay homage to nature, choosing the tree as the symbol of her world. Synonymous with life, a changing expression of the passage of time and the succession of seasons, it becomes, in her works, the centre and fulcrum of the planet. Approaching Beghin’s Art World, admiring her canvases and her technical research, the observer is transported on a pleasant sensorial and emotional journey.

Colours, tones, technique and care for the subject created to make her art unmistakable and above all perfectly recognisable in the great multitude of artistic currents present today.  Large canvases that accommodate her trees, codes, creations that are alive and full of colour, and shades capable of modulating emotions and sensations from which a message, a thought, a deep inner emotion leaks out.

Collectors and Art Experts highly appreciate her art… a pleasure that she says always comes after the most important, that of being able to express herself through her art. She has managed plenty of prestigious exhibitions of her artworks in the group and personal shows in Italy and abroad. It is a great satisfaction for Bianca Beghin to have her art visible and for sale on the prestigious platforms Artonline20.com and Art-Shop.it together with important Artists of international importance.

Her works are also appreciated throughout Europe, and great attention is paid to her art in the United States of America. 2021 full of projects with a communicative vision increasingly focused on Digital and Global.

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 Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editor @ celebreMagazineMonaco WomanRinascimento Magazine

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