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INCASODIVINTAGE was born from the passion for vintage watches and the whole world around them, a unique lifestyle, made of research fueled by curiosity towards those past eras that have given rise to unique challenges, the charm of finding intact all the interior of a case with more than 50 years of age, tiny and fragile parts of a timeless mechanism, has always fascinated anyone who came across one of these great collector’s items.

CEO & Founder – Luca Campagnoli


The desire to wear a unique, refined garment, with a great meaning fueled by a great passion, is the reason that helps us to create the INCASODIVINTAGE collections. Limited series, sewn or printed by hand, make these creations unique. Worn on the road that takes you to the beach, at sunrise or sunset, or even for an informal aperitif, or simply at your home… communicating a passion is talking about yourself!

The first graphic printed was the GMT arrow, created TO INDICATE THE SECOND TIME ZONE for the pilots of the PAN AM, taking a cue from a 1979 model of a private collection, we were inspired by the reflections of that lived-in steel, the glassy edges of the plexiglass, the depth of the dial with its lived life, the thought always goes to who may have worn it, how far they have come before reaching the wrist that wears it today.

As one of the explorers who set out to climb Everest in 53’, with a Rolex Oyster on our wrist, we started this adventure, unaware of what is on the summit, but sure of the passion we have to share with those like us who are à explorer of life…

To create these amazing and unique wear collection, the categories are divided in turn according to the type of creation of the graphics:

Silkscreen Printing – Screen printing is the most precious among the types of printing, different frames are created according to the colours to be represented, mounted on what in jargon is called “carousel”, and then by hand we proceed with the spreading of the inks to transfer the graphics directly on the garment.  In our case we use to diversify the frames for the swollen effect, or that particular relief that gives our graphics a unique effect, perfectly recalling the embossed effects typical of the dials they represent.

Hot Print – Hot stamping is a graphic printed in seritechnique on a vinyl film which is transferred onto the fabric utilizing a press heated to 145 °, it is a simple technique, even if we have invested in the search for a matte and non- rubbery finish that gives the print a final quality effect.

Patches – The patches are applied by hand on the garments, they are made in HD with the terry stitch technique. Each one requires several hours of work, both for the realization and for the application, the INVERTED SIX sweatshirt, for example, requires almost 6 total hours of processing.

Embroidery – With this type of realization the graphics are directly embroidered on the garments, to make them more precious and particular, we add details in satin velvet effect fabric, which make each subject closer to the reality it represents, by doing so, we are able to obtain different levels thick, just like in the hands or dials represented.

Like every masterpiece, INCASODIVINTAGE has taken care of and managed the packaging design, creating an exclusive and prestigious packaging. Now they are launching the new collection, t-shirts and sweatshirts come in a paper box which can be used like painting, inside will be there the watch image from which the graphics take inspiration.

For sure once again this prestigious and exclusive brand will leave “breathless” with the new collection.  This is the next appointment for all of us in Love with INCASODIVINTAGE and with the Luxury Watches World.

Enjoy even more @ INCASODIVINTAGE

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @  

celebreMagazine World

Monaco Woman

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