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“Beauty will save the World” is what Fedor Dostoevskij thought. Talking today with Simona Occioni, renowned art gallerist, Founder and Art Director of ArtOnline20 as well as President of the Mazzoleni Foundation, with great elegance she shares her thoughts with us, making her debut: “Art will save the World”. Today ArtOnline20 and celebreMagazine World, aware of the period we are going through, are increasingly determined to follow their common artistic/communicative thought rooted in the concept Values – Ideas – Projects.

All this has led to the swiss editorial group MB Media Group, which includes celebreMagazine World, Monaco Woman, Rinascimento Magazine and Motori Di Lusso has become, with great pride, official partner of ArtOnline20. A constructive collaboration that has made this possible.

A partnership strongly wanted by ArtOnline20’s Founder and Art Director Simona Occioni and MB Media Group’s Editor & Founder Massimo Basile. To fully understand the great art project that is ArtOnline20, it is essential to know its vision and mission.

Let’s find out more about Simona Occioni, the one who made all this possible. An entrepreneur from Bergamo and renowned contemporary art dealer, she is also President of the Mazzoleni Foundation. She was also Art Director of Art Events, a company that deals with contemporary art events and important events in Italy and abroad.

For years she has been at the top of the art world thanks to her commitment, work and continuous dedication to the art world. Often flanked by great professionals people, over the years she has played an important and consolidated role in this fascinating and magical world of Art.

The Mazzoleni Foundation was established with the aim of promoting Italian art and excellence in the world. It promotes cultural events not only with artists of international calibre but also pays great attention to emerging artists, following them in their artistic and professional evolution with a prestigious and international audience. Simona is absolutely aware that being a gallery owner requires strong artistic expertise and excellent managerial skills, qualities that must be supported by great professionality oriented above all towards dedication and attention to the growth of artists and prestigious exhibition spaces.

In the last year, she has created her new professional challenge. Her “passion” and “love” for her job, led her to set up the new company ArtOnline20 with the strategic marketing entrepreneur Bruno Tanzarella. A website entirely dedicated to art, a market place dedicated to artists, aimed at art collectors and art lovers. ArtOnline20 aims to develop an international network that can bring together artists, gallery owners, art dealers, architects and interior designers to promote and enhance them to an international audience. A new “challenge”, a new way to promote Art, a necessary change in this historical moment.

Instant Commerce for ArtOnline20.com represents the present but above all the future for everything related to Sales & Network in Art World promoting cultural events, not only with artists of international standing but also with great attention to new artists generation, following them in their artistic and professional evolution. During the years it organizes a series of exhibitions in public and also in private prestigious contexts, addressing a national and international audience.

All their Events are advertised in advance on Social Networks and will also have a digital catalogue presented on the platform allowing each of the artists to increase their visibility. Besides, customers, who will not be able to attend the event, will also have the opportunity to buy online the works exhibited from the day after the opening.

A great and ambitious project that sees in the highest-level communication, an important carrier as well as a valid ally to guarantee visibility, promotion and success of its artists, in which ArtOnline20 believes so much.

The know-how of this innovative platform will bring an added value in the Art Business. Approaching the end of this turbulent year in a positive vision,  allow many business realities to reflect and, above all, to review new strategies and new projects that we are sure will reap the fruits of so much dedication in a rich and prosperous 2021 that will see ArtOnline20 and MB Media Group proceed “arm in arm” in this artistic journey.

Edit by John Sommers

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