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Seeing the name of the brand, my classical background immediately made me think of the ancient Latin motto “virtute et armis”, meaning “by virtue and arms”. In fact, the name ARMISS is an acronym of the name of the brand’s four founders, who hail from Valenza, an Italian town situated in the Piedmont region, famous for its craftsmanship of high-end jewelry and gold. I wish to present you them: Arianna, Social Media Manager, Michele, goldsmith Master and Creative Director, Stefania, Sales and Marketing Manager and Silvia.

This brand, which showcases femininity, was born in 2020- precisely in a time as uncertain as the one that we are experiencing now following the Covid pandemic. Like the four musketeers – the name makes me also think of Aramis – the four founders have joined forces with energy and a fighting spirit to create a young, colorful and cheerful collection that transmits joy and positivity. These are people of different ages, who have different skills but are united through their passion for Italian fine jewelry.

The focal point of Armiss’ creations is the exaltation of color in all its facets and deep meanings: color is used as a symphony, as a harmony, to bring light and why not – also as a revealer and propeller of the personality of the wearer of these jewels which are so full of life and chromatism.

Cosmos collection bracelet and ring
Cosmos collection Pendant necklace
Cosmos collection necklace and earrings
Cosmos collection ring

The Cosmos collection takes its inspiration from a flower with sinuous petals and is available in many different interpretations and shades. Cosmos means harmony in ancient Greek and is ideally linked to the rhythm of nature and its perfect forms. This line was conceived to be reversible, inside revealing a precious pave design. The collection is all made from 18-carat gold, comprises colored enamels and is embellished with diamonds. The jewels in this line are extremely refined but at the same time wearable in day-to-day life. They are perfect for the modern woman who has a simple but dynamic style.

Frida collection rings

Frida collection – These slightly minimalist but richly imaginative rings can be worn individually or in groups thanks to their colored stones, thus creating a striking iridescence. The name Frida evokes the renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, herself a symbol of freedom and female independence. In a certain sense this collection aims to convey the vivacity and the non-conformist attitude of its namesake through showcasing the magic of color alongside pure and harmonious shapes.

Lavica collection rings

Lavica collection – The leitmotif of color becomes fire and flames in the Lavica collection. Passion unleashes its strength and transports us to an ancient landscape dominated by the might of volcanoes. Nature is also power, and this collection pays tribute to the primordial forces which are released from lava and lapilli. These jewels are characterized by the use of strong chromatic contrasts, highlighting all the four elements: fire, ice, earth and air. The lava effect is truly a masterpiece, as well as the combinations of orange sapphires and white diamonds.

Lavica collection: Oval ring with blue sapphires and a double round stone in chalcedony and mother of pearl
Lavica round ring

Gemino like twins. This ring has been designed to be worn as one or double, thanks to its ingenious mechanism that allows the ring to be separated in two parts. It is certainly very fashionable.

Gemino ring

During my interview, I asked Stefania, Sales and Marketing Manager, what kind of woman Armiss is targeting. Her answer: “A modern, independent woman who works and needs practical but versatile jewelry. I like to call our brand with a metaphor – the sneaker in the world of jewelry”.

To conclude this excursus on Armiss, which I hope has aroused the curiosity of readers (you can find out more directly on their website), by quoting a saying of Frida Kahlo which I believe accurately reflects the essence of this brand: “Revolution is the harmony of form and color and everything exists, and moves, under only one law: Life.”

Enjoy even more @ Armiss Jewels

Edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

Instagram: @journaldesbijoux

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