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Characterised by extremely elegant stylistic solutions, the ‘Infinite’ interior of a special Airbus ACJ319neo was designed by Pagani Automobili’s men and is inspired by the Huayra BC. The Pagani Huayra BC is undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of automotive exclusivity on the face of the planet. And this is well known by the men at Airbus, who thought of setting up the interiors of a special ACJ319neo inspired by those of the just mentioned prestigious Italian hypercar.

This indoor environment designed for this aircraft was named ‘Infinito’, and was brought to the company’s debut at the European Conference on Aviation Business in Geneva. Designed to follow the passenger compartment of the Pagani Huayra BC, the passenger compartment of the Airbus ACJ319neo is characterized by the presence of refined leather with visible stitching and numerous carbon fibre details.

The ‘Infinite’ interior of this Airbus ACJ319neo is also inspired, like every Pagani, by the Leonardian concept of art and science that “go hand in hand”. Art and science must walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy, says Horacio Pagani. The combination of composite and avant-garde materials (such as CarboTitanium) and an identifying stylistic language has always been our signature. “Transporting this concept on an Airbus jet was an exciting experience for us”. Pagani’s designers were, in fact, responsible for the design of the cabin. The Airbus design team, on the other hand, thought about completing its layout. In addition to carbon fibre components and fine leather upholstery, the ‘Infinito’ interior of the Airbus ACJ319neo also features metal elements with sculptural features, which are also present in the cockpit of the Pagani hypercars.

“Bringing together the best of the worlds of motoring and business aviation, said Benito Defforge, General Manager of Airbus Corporate Jets, we have created a very elegant environment designed to smile at the customers of both of these realities, thus looking at a new way of approaching the design of the cabins to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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