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Each of us has a special bond with perfumes; the sense of smell is one of the five senses that can transmit sensations and emotions. The creators of perfumes have learned this well and also know how important is the memory associated with a specific perfume, so that for some people it becomes a distinctive feature a kind of second skin, a sign of recognition

Alberto Avetta, creator and founder of Acqua delle Langhe, has made his passion for perfumes and the Langhe (his land of origin) a job. Graduated in sociology with a specialization in communication, he was a manager for many years in a well-known fashion company, until he decided at the threshold of fifty years to realize his dream of founding a perfume company

So in 2013 he founded his company and registered the brand Acqua delle Langhe, creating and marketing the first three fragrances for the person, Cannubi, Arborina, Villero. These fragrances had great success, and in less than two years they went from three to eight and at the same time, the line of home fragrances was created. 

The tenacity and passion of those who pursue their dreams, like the one inherent in Alberto Avetta, meant that in a short time the Acqua delle Langhe collection was born. The result of his passion for perfumes and his strong bond with the Langhe, the place where every fragrance is conceived and created.  

These are perfumes born under the aegis of the entrepreneur’s childhood memories, the smells and colours of the vineyards, the scents of gone times but always alive in mind, the essence of these aromas are precisely in the olfactory signal that once captured awakens memories and emotions. Fragrances created with simplicity and love for the Langhe, so much so that the idea of calling the collection “Water”, which represents a challenge to the very simplicity of the word, appears clear, the intention is in fact to emphasize the entire collection. 

Inside every perfume, there is so much of this land, known and appreciated everywhere and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, to prove the deep bond between the creator Alberto Avetta and his beloved Langhe. And it is precisely the seawater, an essential and primordial element, source of life that once totally covered the Langhe and that releases precious and indispensable minerals and trace elements, which gives its fertility and richness while leaving that particular soft, light, shiny shade, typical of the sand of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. 

An indissoluble bond with the past and visceral love for his land, but also an awareness of timeless values such as family and children to whom Alberto Avetta submits the effluents he created to their judgment, aware that the spontaneity and candour of the boys are the right yardsticks for judgment.  

This is definitely the success of Acqua delle Langhe, the recovery of past sensations, timeless values, childhood memories, the sea and the fairytale landscapes of the Langhe, a mix of smells that make these fragrances magical, refined and unique.

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by Stefania Abbruzzo

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