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Perhaps somewhat overused in the last decade, the word resilience continues to be the mantra for all sectors, including luxury. In times of great upheaval, looking inward to maintain one’s integrity is the key to accepting that everything outside changes, so as not to lose oneself.

The long-awaited print edition of celebreMagazine opens with the iconic phrase “For everything to stay the same, everything must change”. Words fed by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa to the protagonist Tancredi when speaking to his uncle the Prince of Salina in The Leopard, characters who were respectively embodied by Alain Delon and Burt Lancaster in the homonymous and timeless film directed by Luchino Visconti.

A phrase that in reality, in its context at the end of the 19th century, praises more the transformation than the resilience, defined not by chance as leopardism, of a society that appears to be taking a nosedive. However, change is still the fulcrum and every era interprets the concept by expressing itself with the words that best embody the values ​​it wants to convey. Or at least this is the intention.

One cinematic character, more than any other, has succeeded in this path: James Bond who, after almost 60 years, is still able to reinvent himself and his physical appearance, keeping up with the times and continuing to smash box office records.

Daniel Craig, the most recent face of this successful film series, was the epitome of this spirit and the Gamma edition of celebreMagazine is dedicated to the double-oh agent. Our reconstruction of everything that is Bondian passes through the luxury London hotel industry, the Omega watches that mark the time of his missions, and inevitably makes stops at other iconic trademarks, such as Aston Martin.

The stillness of the winter landscape, which is the backdrop for the December issue of the magazine, carries within it the rebirth of spring, and so it happens every year.

Nature marks its cycles, restores its balances and priorities regardless of socio-political or economic events, or even a pandemic, as unfortunately was the case of this year which is coming to an end. covid-19 is an ongoing upheaval that is changing and will continue to change not only daily habits of life but also the world chessboard of player hierarchies.

On closer inspection, the revolution advocated by an imposed immobility of the pandemic is the introspective one: psychophysical wellbeing is explored in the pages of the magazine, ranging from the training of new generations to leadership through school paths imbued with innovation and a vision for the future, and the discovery of the territory where the beauty of the landscape is intertwined with history, film sets, luxury and gourmet, as in the case of the Italian Matera and its Sassis stone districts.

Art always remains an essential appointment, as an investment subject to evaluation by wealth management experts and as nourishment for the soul.

Our appointment is with the brilliant intensity of the colours and shapes of Athos Faccincani, the reinterpretation of the classical figurative bronzes by Sabrina Ferrari, the chromatic energy of nature by Cornelia Hagmann.

And the gaze on the budding creativity of emerging artists has also cultivated thanks to organisations such as the Majid Foundation, which are committed to capturing the manifestations of a multifaceted inspiration expressed by every nationality.

edit by Claudia Chiari – Editorial Director celebreMagazine

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