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When we talk about Riva, we can only think at this unique and exclusive masterpiece on the Sea. In fact, this new project is an incomparable open yacht packed with sportiness, innovation and livability.


The story of every new Riva yacht is a journey to explore this world at 360 degrees. Infinite paths branching out from a peerless heritage and reuniting in a work of marine art that reflects the brand’s legendary style and always have a disruptive influence on industry standards. The prestigious forerunner of the new Riva 68′ Diable project is another remarkably beautiful open yacht: the Riva Diable, which was in turn based on the Riva Super America hull. This is how Riva, and only Riva, does things: every model builds on layers of ingenuity, style and technical expertise and evolution without ever denying tradition.

Riva 68’ Diable is set like a diamond in the range of open yachts under 70 feet, a segment in which Riva is the recognised leader for its ability to innovate and create elite boats that satisfy the tastes and preferences of the most demanding owners. The project, like all Riva yachts in the last 27 years, is an expression of the creative flair of Mauro Micheli, the founder of Officina Italiana Design with Sergio Beretta, working in partnership with the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Elegance, sportiness and liveability are the keywords in a project that incorporates inspiring technological and design innovations, all run through by the cultured taste for tradition and fine detailing that is the brand’s stylistic hallmark today.

Exteriors – One of the main new features and strengths of this open yacht aims precisely to benefit liveability: the new hardtop, which has a clean, linear design that hides the technical and technological equipment from sight, as well as protecting and sheltering the central part of the yacht, including the dining area and the helm station on the main deck. Equally impressive is the sunroof with a two-way opening mechanism (forwards and backwards), which cannot fail to be a source of pleasure and wellbeing when cruising. The cockpit furnishings include two big sun pads, one in the form of a chaise-longue at the water’s edge, and one that can be shaded, along with the dining area, by an automatic powered bimini system built into the hardtop. The bow area is best-of-breed in terms of concept and spaciousness, offering maximum freedom and relaxation to enjoy in company.

Interiors – The lower deck is laid out for maximum comfort, with three cabins sleeping six guests around a versatile and comfortable open space containing a galley and a dinette: a centrally-positioned master cabin, a double cabin with single beds on the port side, and a VIP cabin forward. Every cabin has its bathroom. And there are still many secrets and marvels to reveal on this incredible 68′ Diable, the next irresistible temptation for every owner and fan of the Riva Legend.

We just need to wait for a while, but, in the meanwhile, we can admire the beautiful picture of this “artwork”. The launch of this incredible new model is planned for summer 2021. For sure once again this timeless brand will leave “breathless” with Riva 68′ Diable.  This is the next appointment for all of us in Love with Riva…

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Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @  

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