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In a world of extravagance and extreme luxury, there can be no louder statement than the Meteoris watch collection created by Louis Moinet. Master of mechanics, pioneer of chronometry, inventor of the chronograph and one of the most influential watchmakers of all time, Louis  Moinet left a legacy that still sets the standard of high-class timepieces.

Passionate and relentless with a true calling for watchmaking, Louis Moinet created work of art timepieces for many historical figures throughout his life. Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, King George IV of England, Tsar Alexander I and Marshal Murat King of Naples, are only a few of the remarkable personalities for whom Louis Moinet crafted time enduring horologues.

His creations can still be admired today, proof that true horology is not only science but also art. The Meteoris collection seems to be the apogee of over two centuries of exquisite craftsmanship. Rated as one of the 12 most expensive watches with prices over $1 million, Meteoris, the collection of four watches that depicts the solar system, is sold as a set.

To understand the privilege of owning such a work of art, one must know what makes these four Tourbillon wristwatches so special. It is not just about the technology. It is about the out of this world materials they are made of. Each watch features a rare  meteorite: Tourbillon Mars, Tourbillon Rosetta Stone, Tourbillon Asteroid and Tourbillon Moon.

Actual parts of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite fallen from the planet Mars, a fragment of the Sahara 99555 meteorite possibly from the planet Mercury, the mysterious Itqiy meteorite or Dhofar 459 meteorite fallen from the Moon were used to create the otherworldly collection suggestively called Meteoris.

At the cost of $ 4.6 million, this collection can only adorn the hand of a true connoisseur. For ordinary people reaching the universe seems like an impossible dream. But the true horology mavens know that you don’t have to go that far to find the universe. Wearing it on your wrist is now achievable with the Meteoris masterpiece of Louis Moinet.

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Article edit by Claudia Ciclovan

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