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Collection of 52 recipes from Italian and Spanish starred chefs, all translated into the two languages. 1,2,3, Stella – 52 ricette stellate in 2 langue. 1,2,3, Estrella – 52 recetas estrelladas en 2 Idiomas, a new book with a red cover, the Michelin guide’s colour, and the chefs’ passion in their work. A collection of recipes, 52 to be exact, from Italian and Spanish starred chefs, with precise indications of ingredients, process and the final photo of the dish, so you can “easily” reproduce them at home.

A quietly inverted quote, because these are elaborate recipes from chefs with one, two, three stars, and some new green star, is a unique feature of the 2020 Guide. A collection was born almost for fun when it was impossible to go to a restaurant. This was the idea of bringing starred Cuisine closer to home cooking, in a way that was a little different from the classic recipe book: bringing together two Mediterranean cultures, so close and so different, with points in common and topics in divergence, but with a passion for cooking and the enjoyable life.

The authors are :

  • Nadia Toppino, at her fourth book of stories (but first as a collection of recipes!). For years she has founded and followed the Storie di Cibo portal and collaborates with several international magazines as Food&Wine manager as well as hosting the TV programme Prodotto Italiano on LombardiaTV.
  • Her Spanish collaborator, Ferran Masvidal, a food psychologist, started a project based on aphrodisiac food, Foodysiak, and was responsible for translating the recipes.

As the author Nadia Toppino explains in her presentation of the book: “This book does not want to give definitions, it does not want to pigeonhole styles, it merely intends to provide a collection of excellence and put them in a recipe book that is special and unique, compared to other books, has the union of two nations so equally Mediterranean and so different in various aspects … Whoever wants to replicate in the kitchen the works of art of the Chefs, the others can treat themselves to an alternative method to practice learning languages! Italian and Spanish for everyone in the kitchen!

There are many names on the list, from the three stars Enrico Crippa and Quique Dacosta to the two-starred Andrea Aprea, Marco Sacco, Philippe Leveillè… and the Spanish Mateu Casanas, Oriol Castro, Fernando Arellano… A long list of stars, including, as we said, the new green stars, as in the case of Davide Oldani, Pietro Leemann, Rodrigo de la Calle or Diego Gallegos… Everything is translated into two languages, in this attractive format of the book where the Italian part is on the right and the Spanish part on the left, so that you always have the two versions under control.

The preface, the icing on the cake of this great work, is by the internationally renowned master of Cuisine and gastronomic research, Ferran Adrià. He highlights his love for both nations and their respective cuisines in his intense writing pages: Italian Cuisine. Spanish Cuisine. So similar and so different. So close, but with such a marked singularity in each of them… when I leaf through the pages of this book, what I see are haute cuisine recipes, even avant-garde gastronomy… You only have to go through the list of recipes to find what is not only inspirational but genuine declarations of principle and loyalty to a particular land and gastronomic culture… who said that haute cuisine is neutral and impersonal? …

That is why I feel so honoured to be able to write the prologue to this written ‘symposium’ of 52 recipes, in a rigorous and welcome bilingual edition, from some of the best representatives of our respective cuisines.

…I’m sure it will be of interest not only to gourmets and professionals from both countries but to any lover of good food, whatever their nationality”.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce in Spain and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Italy have followed the work with interest and have given their patronage. They have also started a project to disseminate the two gastronomic cultures in the ‘friendly country’ with events and activities that will soon be published and communicated by the author Nadia Toppino through her Food Stories channels.

The book is on sale directly from the authors by a simple click here at STORIE DI CIBO with payment by Paypal or bank transfer, or on Amazon available in both paper and Ebook versions. Two hundred eight excellent colour pages, published by Storie di Cibo.

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editor @ celebreMagazine World Monaco Woman Rinascimento Magazine

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